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Queenstown | New Zealand

The neighbourhood of Five Mile, located in Queenstown, New Zealand and designed by studioLFA, was designed according to the principles of Traditional Neighbourhood Design (TND).  This development approach reflects historical settlement patterns and town planning concepts.  With an emphasis on the connectivity of narrow streets, TND typically employ the use of transect based coding and the orientation of a pedestrian shed structure which provides the necessities to sustain day to day life within a five minute walk.

The creation of a true community is achieved through the provision of various types of open space, the prominent sitting of civic buildings, and the integration of a multitude of uses.  The design of Five Mile also features a town square, multi-family residences, light industrial units, live-work units, living space buildings, a university precinct and several large retailers designed to foster the overall sense of community and combat alternative forms of conventional suburban sprawl.

The development area covers 23.36 hectares and when completed, Five Mile will have a residential population of approximately 10,000 people.  The master plan provides for a considerable amount of open space, most of which is oriented towards an adjacent mountain range.

Five mile represents a joint collaboration between studio LFA, leading the planning and architectural design, and RobertsDay leading the planning forum.  A team of local consultancies will follow the development codes created during the workshop.  The Transect Based Code developed by Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company was used as a template for the development codes.