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Ocean Beach | Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

The Ocean Beach village resort is a coastal village comprised of three neighbourhoods over 1,200 hectares and was designed by studio LFA.  Serving a variety of people of all ages and income levels, Ocean Beach is designed according to planning techniques following the principles set forth in Traditional Neighbourhood Design (TND).  This development approach borrows from historic settlement patterns and concepts such as the integration of narrow, interconnected streets, the use of transect based codes and the offering of a range of public green spaces and amenities, different housing options, and building types covering a variety of uses all within a five minute walking distance.  The end results in the creation of a walkable mixed-use area designed to increase the overall sense of community and promote the principles of placemaking.

The Ocean Beach Landholdings Pty. settlement footprint is located at the southern end of the land holdings and adjacent to existing roads and services.  Currently nearly 92% of the study area is designated as open space requiring numerous environmental initiatives including the restoration and rehabilitation of the Ocean Beach dune system and the re-vegetation of the Waipuka stream gully.  Implementation of these projects may result in one of New Zealand’s finest environmental and urban development initiatives.

The proposed plan also promotes additional public access to the waterfront of Ocean Beach.  Currently a single access point exists at the expense of private property owners.  The proposed settlement plan calls for an additional nineteen public access points and dedicated parking for up to 2,500 cars.