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Googong | Canberra, Australia

The Village of Googong is currently in progress for a piece of property of 790 hectares just 8km south of the Queanbeyan CBD and 20km from the civic heart of Canberra.  Upon completion Googong will be the largest urban development south of the Quenbean CBD and its location will allow for greater accessibility to retail employment opportunities as well as access to the Canberra Airport.

Driving the design approach was the desire to create a project according to traditional neighbourhood principles.  Sustainable, economic, social, and environmental outcomes were centrally important to achieving the desired results.

The town of Googong will be as self-contained as any of Canberra’s existing districts and will be defined by five neighbourhood centres dedicated towards meeting the daily needs of its residents.  A larger scale Town Centre possessing 25,000 square metres of commercial area will be home to higher end retail facilities and higher density residences.

The Village will also feature an internal recreational focus, which will be known as the “Common,” a massive network of open space that will become the primary resource for recreation, commercial and cultural activities.  Absent of a direct connection to the foreshore in order to minimize adverse impacts, a total of 60% of the study area will be maintained as open, green space, or land not to be developed.

The project represents a tandem effort between RobertsDay, with a design driven by studio LFA and a team of local architects, planners, and consultancies.