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One Little Beach |Queensland, Australia

One Little Beach is a 320 square metre, four-story Townhouse located in the Little Beach Project in Queensland, Australia following the Master Plan Design Guidelines.

The Townhouse is designed to respond to the contemporary nature of the Little Beach Project.  Drawing inspiration from the moderne principles of the Bauhaus style, the Townhouse features a series of interlocking volumes aimed at scaling down the home from levels four to two.  With its main social spaces located on the second level, the plan takes advantage of views to the water.

Located on a corner lot, the Townhouse offers more of a single-family feel.  A central courtyard defined by a series of terraces which arrange the interior space in a series of exterior – interior spaces.  Serving the structure as a vertical pivot point, circulation in the form of a stairway and elevator are also located within this space.

The Townhouse establishes itself at the forefront of visionary place-making and environmental sensibility.  Related initiatives include the incorporation of sub-tropical design strategies based on precedents local to Queensland such as the use of horizontal elements such as verandas, galleries, and solar shading devices in the form of light-concrete cantilevered eaves.  Rainwater cisterns are incorporated into the design in order to create wastewater for reuse in the gardens and renewable electricity is generated through photovoltaic cells and small wind turbines to create a carbon neutral structure.  In addition, reflective glass, green shading walls, and green roofs maximize potential for natural ventilation and the use of recycled materials for construction and furnishings as well as LED luminary diffusers further reinforce the point.