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One Jindee |Perth, Australia

Drawn from the time-honored models found in successful European and American urbanism, the Aqua Island Homes recall the early tropical moderne style of Miami Beach.  These homes follow the classical rules of proportion, are minimal in ornamentation, and are rendered primarily in white stucco.  Also typical of the moderne style, facades are symmetrical by design, featuring recessed doors and windows, column thickness, and fully articulated corners that contribute to a feeling of solidity and substance providing a canvas for sun and shadow.

The Aqua Island Home type combines the sensibility of a brownstone, the soul of the tropics, and the amenities of a luxury condominium.  Standing four-stories tall, these exquisite single-family residences are offered with both three and four bedrooms and include spacious living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms with state-of-the-art fixtures and appliances, high ceilings, private entryways and in unit elevators.

Aqua Island Home units are located on the smallest site within the project.  Built on lots measuring 30 feet in width and 60 feet in length, facades are composed of vertical planes, which step back in graduating volumes.  Bay windows extend the living spaces and create secondary terraces for the floors above.  Window openings are articulated in a vertical manner, and are highlighted with aluminum frames and clear glass arranged in different configurations across the overall elevation.  A light shelf of concrete cantilevers at the level of the window transom in order to simultaneously provide shade and reflect sunlight inward, illuminating the ceilings of the interiors.

These homes are organized around an open floor plan allowing rooms to flow into one another.  Spaces use strict geometries in order to provide elegant dwelling proportions.  Communal living areas, featuring high ceilings, are strategically placed on the second level providing for maximum accessibility from the first floor bedrooms, and third floor master suite.  An elevator terminates at the top level in the form of a tower that provides access to a rooftop terrace offering various vistas of the island and beyond.