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Mount Vernon |Philadelphia, PA

The reconstruction responds to an architecture that is responsive to the great urban context of the Fairmount neighborhood from the common 70’s and 80’s market production developments.  Local limitations strictly regulate the building’s envelope as the original building is sited within a historic district. Mount Vernon Street is particularly an impressive tree-lined street that recalls the area’s past and proud industrial legacy.

As a result, its efficient design comes from a clever rethink of zoning regulations, which leads to an exterior, which expresses verticality, taking inspiration from the vernacular neighboring architecture.

Both exterior and interior, brick structure have been transformed from conventional dark and confined four-story townhouse into a functional, comfortable home that plays in harmony with the rest of the existing neighboring homes. Simple, yet ingenious alterations were done to the existing structure that creates a striking result both day and night.

The entrance of the house is reminiscent a minimalist and mid-century influence architecture. In this case an impressive custom designed pivot door serves as a gateway that reaches a back courtyard and leads to an integrated bright, open and welcoming plan.

The airy interior is heightening by original and artful esthetics. The first floor, designed at an angle within the orthogonal shell, to the effect of making the interior feel larger. Most of the intricate details, like a fireplace, and floating stairs, play as one of the home furnishings, visible from nearly everywhere. The 3-flight stair creates a dynamic plan that flow at each level, allowing and abundant of light and warmth in.

The feature that makes the home comfortable is that all rooms are flexible, not dedicated to a single purpose resembling a loft yet with the ability to have privacy. A state-of-the-art kitchen is designed as another piece of furniture to represent informality within the living spaces. Here a cantilever terrace spot connects with the neighborhood.