studio LFA design method places the highest value on a researched understanding of the project’s parameters: its location, its context, and its function.

Understanding the intrinsic qualities of the site allows us to devise design solutions and implementation strategies that will derive full advantage from the site’s opportunities and effectively contend with any challenges it may present. Size, configuration, topography, entitlement framework, regulatory conditions, existing and needed improvements and connectivity are dutifully researched and documented in order to ensure the project will be firmly rooted on the site.

Understanding the culture, customs and practices of the place enables us to properly connect the site to its surroundings. The team pays close attention to the configuration, disposition and massing of the extant fabric and contiguous environment the essential elements of the place can be deciphered and incorporated into the project. When completed, the project should reflect the best and most defining qualities of the place and further set a new standard for others to behold.

Once the site is understood in all its complexity, a strategy is developed to derive optimum benefit from it though the implementation of the intended program. This is accomplished through the focused efforts of the project team. Having obtained all the pertinent information, the team enters into a process of exploration and ideation known in the practice as a Workshop where, hand in hand with the client and other project stakeholders, the optimal approach to the project is arrived at.

A Workshop is a brief but intense exercise that takes place over several days, wherein all the stakeholders in a project are summoned on-location where they engage in a structured exchange of information regarding site and project conditions. Concurrently, all specialists involved develop their respective facets of the project while exchanging feedback with all stakeholders.

This process effectively taps into the enthusiasm and focused attention of all knowledgeable participants ensuring that all valuable information is captured. In a burst of concentrated effort the Workshop yields an advanced draft version of the project, which is subsequently documented and detailed for final presentation by the designers.