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Waterfront IV| Dubai, UAE

studio LFA designed the project inspired on the design principles of place-making and the success of the Nakheel “Veneto” development at Dubai Waterfront, also designed by studio LFA. The overall vision for the development of Dubai Waterfront, as stated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, is to create a world-class contemporary city.

Nakheel’s objective is to create an aesthetically pleasing series of timeless, mid-density, mid-rise neighborhoods that establishes a pleasant and integrated public realm/pedestrian environment based on ‘best-practice’ sustainable urbanism. Phase 4 North will accommodate a population of approximately 20,000 residents and feature 10 diverse housing types and mid-density apartment and commercial products nestled into a hybrid urban pattern that incorporates the successful elements of Veneto. The development will be characterized by two key ideas: a partially navigable waterway system that permeates neighborhoods, and a new villa product that will interact seamlessly with the with the water canals.

The site is located east of the Badrah district, west of Omran and south of Veneto. The combined land area of the two sites is 327.646 hectares. The eastern site is presently taken up with logistics and batching plant uses, which will constrain development phasing. Veneto, to the north, is a low-density villa community based around a series of navigable canals and local centers. Badrah is a mixed-use, mid-density development

that features a university district and a substantial number of employment uses. Omran, which is currently undergoing planning review, is earmarked for temporary accommodation for construction workers, who will be housed in this area for the life of the Waterfront project, after which the site will be redeveloped. The G9 university ‘town’ is to the north-west. Two major employment centers, Waterfront City (CBD) and Techno

Park, are approximately 4 kilometers away. The southern portion of Phase 4 will be developed as a mixed use regional retail and commercial centre with medium to high-density housing. Unstable desert dunes with little plant life characterize the site’s topography. The site rises from 7 meters in the north-west corner of Plot PH4-3, up to 14 meters

in the south-west corner of Plot Ph4-4. Prevailing winds cross the site from the north, providing a cooling sea breeze in the summer months.

The project represents a joint effort between studio LFA leading the planning design in association with RobertsDay leading the planning forum, FMK and a team of local and international consultancies.