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Salicia Waters| Queensland, Australia

Salacia Waters is a new urban neighbourhood currently under construction, designed by studio LFA.  With inspiration drawn from the site’s coastal location Salacia Waters is located at the end of a peninsula that stretches towards the blue waters of the Coomeral River and South Stradbroke Island near Paradise Point, in Queensland, Australia.  Through the study of precedents like Aqua, in Miami, Florida, Salacia Waters is a monument to the innovative ideas of contemporary urbanism.

Picking up on existing street grid and park systems surrounding the community Salacia Waters takes advantage of the warm and welcoming climate of the Gold Coast reinforcing the outdoor nature of the Queensland lifestyle.

Residential congregation will take place in a series of plazas, parks, and squares, as well as around the marina and retail areas.  Community parks and streets will focus on pedestrian oriented activity.  A number of building types including mid-rise condominiums and townhomes will be available in a variety of forms.

By maintaining a community owned waterfront Salacia Waters will be able to offer a variety of experiences and recreational activities including fishing platforms, boardwalks, and both walking and cycling trails.  The protection of scenic and open spaces will allow these areas to become the primary amenities of the community.

A number of teams made significant contributions to the Salacia Waters project.  With studio LFA responsible for the planning and conceptual architecture, RobertsDay, and a team of local architects will ensure the proper implementation of development codes created during the workshop.