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Ravenna| Houston, Texas

Ravenna is a private neighborhood development of 8.5 acres located in Houston, Texas. This ideally planned community is designed in an intimate and secure manner whose thoroughly distinct architecture is inspired by a fusion of Roman architectural forms.  Envisioned by Lovett Homes, real estate developer Frank Liu shared his vision to transform this area into a modern and enlightened setting. The

The homes gradually emerged from the traditions of Ravenna, Italy where a sense of solidity, refined forms and other influences can be detected in the distinctive use of brick patterns and roof tiles.

The homes are presented as civic buildings on the scale of the grand pavilions where gracious roof shapes and tiles will become an iconic architectural clarity of a unified form. All dwellings are arranged in a traditional plan pattern along tree-lined streets, squares and central plaza all protected by a wall and 24 hr. staffed station that evoke the gates and city fortification walls like their historic predecessors.

Similar to its sustainable Mediterranean counterpart, geothermal technology is one of the main home features as well as floor plans that distribute flowing and inviting spaces with a remarkable selection of interior, exterior details and materials.