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Ferry Road|Queensland, Australia

studio LFA and RobertsDay was chosen, along a team of local consultants, to design 270 Ferry Road as a modern urban infill development.  The partnership between studio LFA and RobertsDay is recognized internationally as leaders in Traditional Neighbourhood Development (TND), smart growth, and sustainable design.  The collaboration between these firms has grown to include the design of a number of projects on the Gold Coast, including Hope Island, Paradise Point (Salacia Waters) and Bermuda Point.  These projects are pioneering examples of the principles now enshrined in the SEQ Regional Plan and Gold Coast City Council strategies.

The resulting design for 270 Ferry Road marries the architectural and planning principles, which promote affordability and walkability with a detailed understanding of the site’s contextual restrictions and existing controls, providing the Gold Coast City Council with a new model for development.  Features of the plan include a diversity of affordable single and multi-family dwelling types.  Hybrid building types such as Live/Work structures which negate the need for residents to commute to work.  Space dedicated to the local arts in order to advance the local cultural economy and provide creative business opportunities.  A series of public outdoor spaces to increase community vitality and a positive frontage towards Ferry Road transform it from a vehicular dominated arterial to a multi-use transit boulevard.

These attributes have been configured with special consideration to the site’s relationship with adjacent development.  Building orientation and siting remains an integral component toward the ability to create an environment which reacts to its surroundings through an interaction with nature, maximizes solar exposure, and provides high quality views throughout the site and its surrounding area.