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Dong Jiang Gang|Tianjin, China

Dong Jiang Gang Commercial Center recognizes its privileged position within the vicinity of the entire Dong Jiang Gang project and its essential central location where the lands interweave with the ocean.

The buildings are arranged in a sequence of height around a courtyard to maximize water views and to create a backdrop skyline as view from the water. The structures further create a smooth transition from the land to the water celebrating it by anchoring the development with a marina basin and the vessels that will further frame the buildings and spaces.

The plan embraces the tradition of creating memorable spaces with its own character by following rigorous traditional planning principles that are proven timeless.

The design accommodates local and regional demands of centralizing uses but enhances spaces with the termination of vistas, view corridors and creation of pedestrian friendly amenities like plazas, paths and gardens.

The commercial precinct also frames the streets with its buildings, which are inspired by the Bauhaus and Paul Rudoplh’s Sarasota homes, adapting them the realities of modern living and incorporating all that entails a higher quality of life. A community center is carefully well positioned between the marina and commercial areas framing the vistas from the water and the streets.

Dong Jiang Gang represents the latest effort between studio LFA in association with Plus Urbia along with a team of local and international consultants.