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Tianjin Port| Tianjin, China

Vanke’s Tianjin Port development proposals offers an unprecedented opportunity to address an intriguing confluence of challenges in a most urban and prominent location within Tianjin’s Binhai New Area.

Tianjin’s world-class seaport is clearly a key attribute of its economic activity and likely its foremost employer. The site sits literally across the street, to the west, from one of the port’s container depots with open water some few meters beyond.

The site’s enclave thus presents an ideally equipped and prosperous urban environment located at the meeting place of one of Tianjin’s new and inviting central business districts, with the waterfront, the port’s container yards and its offices also in the midst as an attractive employment base. With a significant amount of premium residential development already in place, tested and proven successful in its market debut.

The design proposals seek to reaffirm an urban design of distinctive Chinese character with wide-open spaces permitting the free flow of breezes and ample sunlight to bathe the ample green spaces while deploying a rich variety of building types, namely: towers, bar buildings, town houses and other structures of distinctive configurations and dispositions. The rich variety of buildings and unit types seek to address a wider segment of the market in terms of lifestyle preferences. At the same time, said variety of building types as well as a unique sensibility towards the scale of open spaces allows for this development to transcend the required provision of housing and rather seeks to provide a unique sense of neighborhood, a sense of place.

Beyond the distinctive urban design and master planning approach, the expressive aesthetic of its architectural design speaks of texture and elegance, with a highly variegated fa?ade phrasing which adjusts according to position, orientation and scale. The integration of the various building types is achieved through dexterous modularity. A varied, yet harmonious, result is accomplished through the sensitive application of scale and the reinforcement of the place-making strategies deployed.

The proposals capture the essence of the place and distill it into a residential environment that sets a new benchmark for future development in the area. We seek above all to rise to our shared challenge to create a place, which ultimately fulfills the great promise that is Tianjin’s Binhai New Area. Our aim, in short, is to offer a novel yet highly integrated expression of urban dwelling adapted to the site’s context while benefiting from its unique attributes; an urban expression that blends-in with and learns from its surroundings while evolving beyond to generate building design of the highest quality.

Dong Jiang Gang represents the latest effort between studio LFA in association with OAD for Vanke’s Development along with a team of local and international consultants.