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Sydenham Square| Christchurch, New Zealand

Sydenham Square, is a Mixed-use10,000 square meter project located in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Comprised of a variety of uses combining retail, office, apartments, and live-work townhouses, the Sydenham Square plan will introduce a form of urban development currently absent from the local market.

The plan is derived through the introduction of a central green square located strategically to preserve four existing, matured trees.  Framed by an array of different live-work units, the central square is designed to activate the edges of the park.

Due to its proximity to a significant commercial corridor the Sydenham Square neighbourhood can support a mixture of uses and offers a brand new unit type, unique to this neighbourhood.  These live-work units are optimized to serve as a connection between areas of the neighbourhood that are both residential and commercial in use. Due to the scale and intensity of the type, the live-work is an excellent transitional building type to use.

Other features of the plan propose the construction of up to 60 residential townhouses, apartments, lofts, and retail space along Colombo Street.  Two of the townhouse unit types have been designed as hybrid units to introduce non-residential uses on the ground floor, if desired.  Uses in mind in these cases include small specialty shops and consultancy offices.

The design of streets and streetscape plays an important role in relating to the character of the surrounding area.  In order to reduce the destructive nature of vehicular only thoroughfares and promote community-building.  Due to the site’s limited size designers have integrated a series of one-way shared streets with the only two-way thoroughfare being the entry off of Columbo.  The skinny character of the one-way streets will promote both walking and cycling as well as allow for them to serve as recreational open space without becoming hazardous to their inhabitants.

The planning and architectural design of Sydenham square was led by studioLFA with additional architectural development completed by Dolman Architecture.