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Evandale Centre| Queensland, Australia

studio LFA designed the cultural site and building’s precinct to reflect a careful response to this unique peninsula. The design proposal arranges the Cultural and Civic Buildings in a manner which will create a vibrant world class Civic Realm where parklands, promenades, squares, gardens and plazas coalesce into a paradise for pedestrians and cyclists interested in socializing, entertainment and cultural activities.

The precinct’s Cultural vision of creating timeless iconic buildings and spaces that can become widely recognized as symbolic of the Gold Coast is radical only because, historically, it is out of character for the Gold Coast urban development patterns. Evandale’s foundation of true sustainability is proposed by assembling a Civic realm with Civic Buildings that will be aesthetically exceptional with exciting innovative architecture, landscape architecture and urban design that people will appreciate and want to revisit. More important than the international recognition any building will receive will be this healing of the local urban fabric and the improved quality of life for its people.

The master plan presents an alternative to the simplistic arrangement of iconic isolated buildings within an open space.  More important than any single building, the master plan creates a vibrant Civic Realm, which ties and engages its user towards the water and an active public place of diverse community activity for both visitors and Gold Coast residents, making it into an attractive pedestrian and vehicular experience.
A highly accessible and welcoming place that is relevant in its scale, activity and design to the local Gold Coast context is created through the careful arrangement of the buildings and their relationship to the each other, by two civic axis created configured North-South and East-West from the approach to the site towards its centre, where most buildings are arranged, except for the Arts Gallery Building, which engages the view corridor from Cavil Avenue.

The Mayoral Office and Art Gallery fully express their cultural and symbolic importance, as they are detached from the other buildings.  Without this discipline, if all buildings were hyper-creative with no relationship to each other or the space they shape, the result would be a trend driven response at best and absurd at worst. Instead, by building both Civic Buildings and a Civic Realm, the master plan will signify to the world that Australia’s Gold Coast is maturing and it is more than a place to spend a holiday or buy an investment property.

The project represents a joint effort between studio LFA leading the planning and architectural design in association with RobertsDay and a team of local architects and consultancies.