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Evandale|Queensland, Australia

Evandale Centre, designed by studio LFA, is composed of a cultural site and building precinct located on a unique peninsula.  The design proposal arranges the Cultural and Civic Buildings in a way, which strives to create a vibrant, and world-class civic realm unlike anything seen in the current market.  A network of parklands, promenades, squares, gardens, and plazas intermingle, forming a pedestrian environment offering an array of opportunities for social interaction, entertainment, and cultural growth.

The cultural vision of the precinct envisions the creation of a series of timeless iconic buildings and spaces.  Although radical in its initial state due to its differing character from the current urban development patterns, the goal of Evandale Centre is to quickly become the standard of development for the Gold Coast.

Achieving a foundation of true sustainability is proposed by assembling a strong civic component within the project.  Innovative and attractive buildings, a variety of landscaping and cutting-edge urban design will not only create a place people will appreciate, but a place responsible for the healing of the local urban fabric and an overall improvement on quality of life.

The master plan presents an alternative to the traditionally simplistic arrangement of isolating iconic buildings within large expanses of open space.  By pairing a series of iconic buildings and composing their arrangement, a strong sense of engagement towards the water is created resulting in an active public place of diverse community activity for both residents and visitors.

The composition found within this master plan will signify the maturing of Australia’s Gold Coast in to a place to live rather than to vacation or invest.

Evandale represents the collaboration between studio FA and RobertsDay, assisted by a group of local architects and consultancies.