The alliance with regional firms based in Australia, Europe, Latin America and the USA, provides planning support services for a wide variety of projects globally. The practice’s network of skilled practitioners is extensive and can be tailored to fit the needs of clients that range from government agencies and development companies to individual landowners.
studio LFA is instrumental in maintaining the high standards offered by its planning and design practice. By limiting its workload, the Principal is able to participate in every project that is selected. This approach has established the studio’s reputation for excellence and has greatly increased the reach of the practice’s design philosophy and innovative technique. Maintaining the quality level required to achieve equal results for projects beyond practical reach requires the alliance with talented professionals in various regions of the world to leverage and train new resources.
The practice has always collaborated with professionals in a process of mutual learning to ensure that its projects are designed to the highest standards. The studio has operated as a “virtual firm,” effectively involving the most advanced practitioners in its work. Teams are constructed and dismantled as needed on a project-by-project basis.
The collaboration with the affiliate firms in other locations and The Congress for The New Urbanism optimizes the design techniques and talents of studio LFA at a global scale.